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retread-10Muscle Activation

It’s important to understand which muscle groups are gaining the most benefit during your workout. On our treadmills, you will be using your glute (bottom), hamstring (back of your thigh), quad (thigh), calf, pec and arm muscles. The LED lights will activate in three degrees of engagement: Green represents minimal involvement, Amber medium involvement, and Red, full or heavy involvement. Use this quick reference to challenge yourself during your workout.


Music & Air Conditioning

We have integrated into most of our consoles a set of audio speakers. Simply plug in your choice of MP3 player or cell phone (adapter cord provided) and you can enjoy your favorite music to keep you going the extra mile. We’ve also built a swivel fan into most of our consoles to keep you a little cooler.


Heart Rate % Profile

Heart Rate training is proven to be one of the best ways to measure your workout. Our Heart Rate % Profile gives you a quick reference of your % compared to maximum projected heart rate. This is determined by your age, which you entered during the programming phase of any of the programs. The LED lights up in Amber for 50-60%, Green for 65% to 80%, and Red for 85%+. This is a quick reference for you to gauge your workout.

Aerobic Exercis

Aerobic Exercise: This type of exercise increases the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles, allowing them to work longer. This includes all the exercises listed below other than weight and resistance band training, Pilates, and some forms of yoga.

Resistance Exercise

Resistance Exercise: This type of exercise strengthens and builds muscles to work harder and longer before becoming exhausted. This includes traditional weight lifting, resistance band training, and Pilates.

Flexibility Exercise

Flexibility Exercise: This type of exercise lengthens the muscles to counteract the shortening that can happen through age, inactivity, and other fitness activities. Stretching forms of exercise also include yoga and Pilates.

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